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Meet Our Board

The High Plains Dressage Chapter's volunteer board is a dynamic team composed of dedicated individuals, each playing a vital role in fostering a vibrant dressage community. Led by our capable president, the board includes a skilled vice president, meticulous treasurer, organized secretary, and the creative minds behind marketing efforts. The chairs of volunteer coordination, education, and shows bring their unique expertise to the mix, ensuring a well-rounded approach to event planning. Together, we collaborate seamlessly to organize and execute a variety of events that cater to the diverse needs and interests of our dressage community. From educational programs to thrilling shows, our board members work tirelessly to create memorable experiences and contribute to the growth and enjoyment of dressage in the High Plains region.

President 2024 
Andrea Osmond

Hello, I'm Andrea Osmond, and I proudly assumed the role of president for the High Plains Dressage Chapter in August 2023. My journey in the equestrian world began in childhood, evolving into a passion for dressage during my teen years. With over a decade of experience as a professional horse trainer alongside a full-time career in real estate, I'm thrilled to merge my two worlds. Being deeply committed to the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society, I eagerly look forward to leading our chapter in organizing fantastic learning and showing opportunities for our dynamic dressage community.


Vice President 2024
Cecilia Madison

Hi, I am Cecilia Madison and excited to be the Vice President for the High Plains Dressage Chapter. I started riding as a child back in Sweden and spent summers at my cousin's riding school in Denmark. Once I arrived in the US and started college in Chicago I was able to get my first horse and worked as a barn manager to cover board. My journey eventually took me to Colorado after meeting my husband. Kids and career put my dressage journey on the backburner for several years. Kids are now in high school and I am able to pick it back up. I thoroughly enjoy learning with my horses and am always looking for new opportunities to grow. I have seen a big change towards a more welcoming community over the past 20 years and am very excited to be able to be part of a community making dressage accessible to every level rider and type of horse.

Treasure 2024 
Tiffany Brown

My name is Tiffany. While I grew up with a love of horses I did not have access to any until I bought my first horse when I was 36. I began riding in Dressage about 2.5 years ago and I absolutely love it. I love to learn and can often be found at clinics or volunteering at shows as a scribe. I joined High Plains in February and I enjoy being part of the wonderful community we have in this area!

NightHawk2023 teal_edited.jpg

Secretary 2024 
Debbie King 

I have had horses since I was 9-years old. I got my first horse, a wild Mustang, off a range in Nevada now known as Area 51. I did Gymkhana, trail riding and lots of silly things kids do when no fear is involved. I acquired good balance and rode a lot bareback. My heart horse, Goetz Grace, was shown to Prix St.George and retired at 23-years old. I've been an RMDS member since moving to Colorado in 2004. I've appreciated all the hard work and long hours volunteers put in and am very happy to contribute in some way.

Chair of Marketing 2024
Candice Christopher 

I've been riding since I was about 10 years old, and I've done everything from barrel racing to the 1.25m show jumpers. I started in dressage when I was younger, and now I'm back with my 9 year old mare that I've converted from the jumpers! I've always loved everything about horses. I have been in the pony club for the last 3 years, and I have my C-2 rating. I am a member of DECA and national honor society at my high school. I also play volleyball for my school and club. I am very excited to be on the board for this upcoming season!


Co-Chair of
Marketing 2024
Tracey Christopher

I’m a beginner rider but a lifelong lover of horses and children. Things I’m learning from them both- to listen, set boundaries, overcome fear, trust, lead, play nice with others, the value of a hard day’s work, and you cannot fool a horse or child. 

Chair of Education 2024
Andrea Kucharczyk

Hi!My name is Andrea Kucharczyk. I grew up on a small hobby farm, in Michigan surrounded by horses from the time I could walk. As a freshmen In high school I was introduced to the world of dressage and fell in love with the sport. The next four years I spent every waking hour I could working beside my dressage trainer learning everything that I could.  Since then I have started training along with receiving my Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and have been blessed to share my passion for dressage and fitness to my clients. 

Pony in Field

Chair of Volunteer Coordinator 2024
Position Open

Chair of Shows 2024
Cindy LeFevre

My name is Cindy LeFevre and I have been involved with the Colorado Dressage Community for more than 50 years as a trainer, instructor, competitor and volunteer.  I feel lucky to have had amazing Dressage Shows for myself and my students to attend during this time.  Recent years have seen a steady decline in the number of quality Dressage Shows available in this area.  The remaining shows seem to fill at astronomical speed leaving unmet demand at every level; USDF, RMDS, and even Schooling Shows.  Please join me in helping to revive this – I would love to hear your ideas!  This is a picture of my current horse, Uno, who is a registered Quarter Horse and the two of us showing PSG.

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